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A list of popular BDSM words – Part 2

Not too long ago we talked about BDSM and the most popular words used for this practice leolist. Remember what they were? If you don’t, we’re here to remind you: Submissive and Dominant, safe word, top and bottom, dungeon, bondage, B&D, S&M, and CBT. We promised we’d return with part two of our list, and we always keep our promises. Here we go leolist toronto!


This person doesn’t prefer playing only one role, the dominating or the submissive one. Instead, she or he is both. A switch makes can turn a BDSM date into something that’s much more interesting and titillating. You won’t get bored being around this guy or girl, that’s for sure toronto escorts.

Kinbaku – 

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This word is used in connection to Nawa Shibari, a bondage style originating in Japan. The word Kinbaku is the equivalent of “to bind tightly,”, while Nawa Shibari means “rope bondage.” During this practice, the bottom is tied up using pieces of thin rope which are arranged in such a way, that the result is something very beautiful and intricate leolist vancouver.


Aftercare is the quiet moment where everyone who’s been involved in the play session starts to calm down and return to reality. This shouldn’t happen over a very short period. The participants need to take it real slow. Talking about what just happened and cuddling are two very important emotional steps that make sure the transition from very high endorphin levels to normal ones doesn’t become shocking vancouver escorts.

Apart from cuddling and talking, the Dominant can apply baby oil to the painful areas of the Submissive or use ice for their bruises.

Fisting – 

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Fisting is one of the most poplar activities in kinky play. It practically means to insert your fist, all of it, into either the butthole or the vagina of your partner. You must be extra careful with this and you’ll need a lot of lube to make it feel good. Take your time, around 30 minutes, then use, like we said, lubricants (e.g., KY Jelly, butter, and so on), find a latex glove for protection, and allow your partner to find a safe word for later use if things get too painful.

Wartenberg Wheel

Now this one might look frightening, but it’s incredibly arousing if you’re into the whole bondage scene. A Wartenberg Wheel is a metal pinwheel of small dimensions. Run it over your date’s boobs, ass, nipples, and every other body part that gets them horny. This tool is a fan favorite during roleplays, too.


This practice is popular in D/S plays. Queening is a naughtier word for the beloved act of face-sitting. The Dominant will sit on her slave’s face, pressing and rubbing her vagina or ass against the Submissive’s nose, lips, and tongue. The practice started in Ancient Egypt and it continues to be enjoyed well into the 21st century.


Here is where our list of popular BDSM words ends, dear escorts. We hope parts one and two give you helpful insight into a world where pleasure is often synonymous with pain. If you decide to give this whole other experience a try, let us know how it went in the comments section!