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How to Stay Legal as an Escort – Part 3

The time has come for our third and last part on how to stay legal as an escort. We hope our first and second posts succeeded in making it easier for you to navigate the legal aspects of your new profession and to avoid problems. Here are the next couple of tips for you to keep in mind escorts.

  1. Never ever proposition – Best Escorts In Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal

If you’re on a date with your very first client, the temptation to discuss certain aspects of your business can be really strong. Keep in mind that you should never give in to that desire. It’s better to just let the customer be the one who starts the discussion on money offers, requests, and so on.

Remember that if you’re the one to proposition first, you’ll break all the solicitation laws in the book. Which, in turn, might bring you legal troubles terb.

  1. Get a masseuse license – Best Escorts In Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal

Who doesn’t like a good massage now and then? It can take away all the stress and leave us with a relaxed body and mind. It’s even better when a gorgeous lady or man offers this service, isn’t it? So how about, instead of being an escort, you work as a masseuse?

Becoming a masseuse isn’t hard and it definitely isn’t illegal, at least not in the U.S. It’s a different story in other parts of the world. Make sure you first check if you can become a masseuse legally in your country perb.

After you get your license as a masseuse, our suggestion is to read up laws that have to do with client contact. Ideally, when you post an ad with your services, you need to stay away from words such as “genital areas” and “erotic massage.”

  1. Choose a big city – Best Escorts In Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal

If you live in a small city, you know how quickly gossip spreads around. You might find yourself in trouble if word gets out that you’re an escort. That’s why you should move to a large city. Once you’re there, you’ll be able to fly under the radar like a champ and do your job in peace.

Also, metropolitan cities have a wider variety of potential clients who can help you make big bucks and become really popular. Another added bonus to living and working in a big city: you won’t meet someone from home that easily carmen fox.

  1. Street walking is a no-no – Best Escorts In Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal

We know how hard it can be for new escorts to attract clients. Resorting to street walking might sound like a good idea, but it’s not. If you do that, you’ll be seen as a prostitute and treated as such by police officers toronto passions. Don’t hang out at truck stops or bus stations and don’t stand on street corners waiting for customers. Stopping male or female passers-by and loitering will be sanctioned by law enforcement on the spot.

Instead of risking jail like that, we recommend creating your own website and promoting your services there. You can use our platform for that. Just go to, click on Free Signup, and follow the steps that will come up. Do you have trouble creating your site? Our friendly Support team is ready to help!


How did you like our tips and tricks on how to stay legal in the escorting world? Leave your comment below, we can’t wait to hear from you! 😊

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